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Please, learn our principles:

  • All requests sent by customers may be viewed only by ad publisher.
  • We don’t “sell” requests and we never disclose customer’s database
  • Publishing of out-dated or fake offers targeted to collect requests is not allowed. If such ads are identified, the partner will be blocked.  
  • We are not a real estate seller, we are creating an on-line database and sell advertising and promoting opportunities.



What is your profit?

We make money on advertising. 


I failed to find a test-letter which I had just sent by myself in my account.

All requests are automatically and manually pre-moderated and cannot be immediately viewed from personal accounts. We do our best to protect you from spam.


 I have just added an ad in my personal account but I don’t see it on your site.

All offers are pre-moderated. We watch our partners to follow publication rules and don’t place inappropriate ads.


I have just added an ad about real estate in Egypt/Israel/Ukraine/..../ but it still is not published.

We always emphasize that ЕЕ24 is European real estate catalogue and we publish only European properties including Turkey.  


 I published several ads 2 days ago, but they have not yet been activated. How long doest it take to moderate these ads?

First of all, you must not forget to send ads for moderation by clicking the big green button "Post Ad". Answering any questions is much easier if you provide your message with object’s id number.


Why was our company deleted from the site?

We send several warning notifications before blocking a customer. In he doesn’t response and totally ignore these notifications, we delete this partner or user.

There are two main reasons for deleting: frequent violation of publishing rules and the lack of responses to customer requests. If you do not respond to request (including our calls and e-mails) why then do you publish objects on our site?


 We have not received any requests for long, maybe you should update our database?

The first in the search results are displayed offers which are considered to be the new and which have the most complete information. Why? Because we believe that our customers are interested in top offers with the most detailed description. At the same time, repositioning the words in the description doesn’t mean that ad was "updated". Such objects will keep their place. But if you add pictures, detalize a description or add new useful information, your advertisement will be replaced on top.

We will also put your offer on top if you use our paid services.


Tell me, please, what is necessary to register on your site as a real estate agency?

Please, choose the "Agency" variant when registering and add information about the company in the Russian and English languages and company’s logo. This information will be available to all users.


 In case you have any other questions, please send them on [email protected] and we will do our best to answer you in 48 hours.